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Statement of Purpose and Support

To all members of the PCS community:

Recognizing the harm and the hurt that has occurred, we are deeply sorry for and apologize to any member of the PCS community who has experienced racist action or inaction during their time at PCS and we are committed to create a pathway for those hurt to relate their story, with a promise to respond, to act and to be held accountable; we are committed to increasing the diversity of our community; we pledge to increase the breadth of our curricular focus including a protocol for an anti-racist  and intentionally inclusive curricular assessment and to provide annual anti-racist and anti-bias training to our faculty and staff; we pledge to introduce opportunities for support and understanding for impacted people in our community as well as a forum for members of our BIPOC community to relate their stories and their history as well as to affirm and salute our work toward promoting a more welcoming and inclusive environment.

This is the beginning of a necessary and ongoing journey, not just to be responsible for the past but for the future as well. Those who are members of this community pledge to fully dedicate themselves to be a part of this commitment, this promise, and this vision going forward.

To date, as we move forward in cementing these promises and to realizing these goals, Professional Children’s School has undertaken the following action steps, fully aware that there is much more to do and pledging to do more going forward:

  • We have developed a Diversity and Equity Statement, which carries the endorsement of the faculty, staff, and administration as well as that of the PCS Board of Trustees. 
  • We  have   in   place   a  Diversity   and Equity  Committee  of   faculty,  staff and administrators  under whose aegis  we  will  continue  to   develop and implement a specific plan of action regarding our commitment to the Black Lives Matter initiative, including a review of and increased incorporation of resources representative of the BIPOC community and a pledge to focus on anti-racist and intentionally inclusive materials; this plan will be shared with the broad community as we work to develop an in-depth series of action steps.
  • We have scheduled a professional development seminar for the faculty in October 2020  to both further awareness of and sensitivity toward the Black Lives Matter initiative as well as to realize the steps necessary to create, develop and implement an anti-racist community and to incorporate such a commitment across the curriculum and the life of the School.
  • We are committed to a full review of our curriculum at PCS with special attention to the issue of creating and implementing an anti-racist, intentionally inclusive program of study and which, in and of itself, presents a broad representation of the BIPOC community in our source and supportive materials.
  • We acknowledge our commitment to promote awareness and to be appropriately responsive to the postings of the BlackatPCS Instagram account as one venue through which the BIPOC community can share their past and ongoing experiences at PCS and as a  source of such feedback from which PCS can learn, change, and adapt.
  • We are committed to secure an appropriate venue or mechanism during the fall semester of 2020 through which  those hurt or negatively impacted during their time at PCS can relate their story, with a promise to respond, to act and to be held accountable.
  • We will continue to be proactive in our hiring practices so as to diversify our faculty and staff so that our professional community better represents the broader, global community of which we are a part.