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Admissions Director Shari Honig attended Professional Children's School while pursuing her dance training.  She earned her B.A. from Hunter College as well as a master's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language.  In 2002, she joined the faculty at Professional Children's School and was appointed Admissions Director in 2013.  As an alumna, former PCS teacher, academic advisor and member of our administrative team, Shari is able to discuss PCS from multiple perspectives.

 For over 100 years, PCS has accommodated students who were away from school for one reason or another-- filming a movie or tv show, performing on stage, preparing for an audition or competition, training for athletic events...  While the technology has changed over the decades, our mission has not. PCS has always been in the forefront of distance learning.

If you know a dedicated dancer, an aspiring actor, an Olympic hopeful, a masterful musician, and are looking for a school with a longstanding history of successful distance teaching and learning,  Professional Children's School could be a great school option!  At PCS, students don't need to choose between their education and their dreams. Our individualized school schedule and distance learning option provide the flexibility our students need in order to balance their pre-professional and professional endeavors with their academic goals leaving time for both schoolwork and auditions, rehearsals, performances, competitions, classes and training. This makes Professional Children's School ideal for busy dancers, musicians, actors, models, athletes, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs who are also serious about their studies. I encourage interested families to schedule a virtual visit with me.  

Shari Honig
Director of Admissions