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William Hirt was appointed College Advisor in 2006.   Mr. Hirt earned a B.A. and a B.S. from the University of Minnesota.  He spent two years as a Peace Corps member in Cameroon before earning an M.A. in Education from Columbia University.  He joined the Professional Children's School History Dept. in 1989.



The autumn 2020 college admissions season is an interesting one because the Covid-19 pandemic has made it necessary for so many students to apply to college without SAT or ACT scores.   In addition, our high school seniors cannot go visit college campuses. 

Yet, it’s been interesting and encouraging to see how everyone in the college admissions world has been working so hard to compensate for those two problems.  Zoom meetings with college representatives are one way of experiencing the campus culture, and PCS has a long list of small group meetings with our students and college reps already scheduled for the fall.

So many creative solutions have been developed during the crisis and many of these may actually turn out to be the new standard procedures for admissions down the road. PCS is well-positioned to accommodate these changes because we have always emphasized one-on-one advising with our students and the bulk of the work has taken place online for some time.   So, while some of the effects of the pandemic on college admissions were beyond our control, we have been able to transition relatively smoothly to this new environment.      

Graduates of Professional Children’s School go on to have illustrious careers in all walks of life-- as dancers, musicians and actors, but also as doctors, educators, entrepreneurs, journalists and lawyers. PCS is first and foremost an academic institution and it has been our priority over the years to help our upper school students and their parents with the college admissions process.

A PCS education prepares students for acceptance to the nation’s finest universities, colleges and conservatories. Increasingly, colleges look for the diversity of life experience exhibited by so many PCS students. Each year, some 30 colleges send admissions representatives to PCS to meet with interested PCS students.

Most PCS students attend college immediately after graduation and the College Counseling Office helps students with every phase of the college selection and application process. Some students, who may already have busy professional careers, choose to postpone college until a later date. For these alumni, all of the resources of the College Counseling Office will be available when they choose to undertake the college admissions process.

The College Counseling Office offers counseling to our students on such topics as selecting the appropriate colleges and universities to which to apply, the pros and cons of college vs. conservatory, preparing for the various tests as part of the application process, and completing application forms and portfolios. Our College Counseling Office has up-to-date resources and information for our students, and their parents, to use year-round.

William Hirt
College Advisor

To contact Mr. Hirt, email him at