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Professional Children's School emphasizes the value of regular classroom attendance, teacher instruction and group discussion. The Guided Study Program, unique to PCS and administered by our Academic Dean, is designed for students who are unable to be in class because of professional activities. It is an extension of the regular curriculum, and parallels classroom instruction in each course.   PCS monitors attendance carefully and students are expected to attend classes daily, unless permission has been granted to enroll in Guided Study. In all cases, advance notification is required.


Students are given bi-weekly assignments for each academic course which may be accessed on the school's website. Assignments and procedures are designed for students to follow independently while they are away from school. Completion of work on Guided Study enables students to successfully return to their classes. Opportunities for consultation, guidance and correction are provided, either by regular appointments with the teacher or, when distance makes this impractical, by e-mail, fax and telephone.