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Professional Children's School is a not-for-profit independent dayschool governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the financial stability of the school. The Board hires the Head of School. The Head is responsible for administering the school and designing and implementing the curriculum. The Board, together with the Head of School, provides leadership and the framework within which the faculty serve the mission of the school each day as they teach their students.


Eileen Mulry Dieck, Chair
Melanie Harris*, Vice Chair
Stephanie J. Hull, Treasurer
Diane Kenney, Secretary

Michele Barakett
Amanda Bhalla
Donald B. Brant, Jr.
Kristin Kennedy Clark
Amy Crate*
Pierce Cravens*
Rachel Curry*
James Dawson, Head of School
Charlotte M. Ford, Life Trustee
Ernest H. Frank, Life Trustee
​Michael Gleicher*
John B. Murray
Peter P. Nitze, Life Trustee
Erica Marks Panush
Susan Gluck Pappajohn*
Raushan Sapar

*Alumni Association