Dr. Robert Mark Savage received
his BA in History and Political
Science, Magna Cum Laude,
from Butler University, his
MA in American History from
Columbia University; his M. Phil.
and his PhD from Columbia

Veteran Teacher Honored

Dr. Robert Mark Savage was awarded an honorary diploma at commencement, making him an honorary member of the Class of 2015.  The honor was in recognition of Dr. Savage's 30th year teaching history at Professional Children's School.

Here are his remarks to the Class of 2015:

Thank you.

It seems kind of funny to be receiving a high school diploma --
after having earned my PhD a while back.
Usually, it works the other way around.

But I guess that's the funny thing about life.
Life doesn't always go according to our expectations.

And I guess that's my message to you, Class of 2015:
Life doesn't always go according to our expectations.
Which means, that, chances are, your lives will not go as you expected.

But I have no doubt, that because you cared so much to earn a real  education
here at Professional Children's School,
and because you worked so hard in your learning,
I have no doubt that your lives will be a voyage
taking you far beyond any  of your expectations.

I wish for you lives that are blesséd and wonderful --
lives that are wonder-filled.  And that you will hold on to that sense of wonder,
in your learning, now and forevermore.

I thank James [Dawson], and I thank you, my fellow scholars
in the Class of 2015, for the honor, and the privilege
of commencing the rest of my life, with you,
as you commence yours, in this place, on this day.

God bless you all.

June 11, 2015