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What Happens on Guided Study?

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What Happens When a Student is on Guided Study?
Marcy Mann, Associate Head for Academic Affairs

You chose PCS for your son or daughter for many reasons, one of which is because its academic program is designed to support students’ professional pursuits.  Sometimes students’ professional commitments require that they miss school for a period of three consecutive days or more, and that is when students go on Guided Study.  Whether in NYC or away, students on Guided Study are able to keep up with their schoolwork and return to school better prepared to rejoin their classmates.

How does this work?  First, students must sign out on guided study by completing this form which is available on the school’s website or from Ms. Mann, our Academic Dean, in Room 505.  The form requires faculty and parent signatures, and students speak to each of their teachers to get approval and instructions for how to proceed while the student is away.  Most often, teachers will tell students to follow the assignment sheet posted on Moodle (our online bulletin board), which usually covers an entire month of school.  Teachers update assignment sheets when necessary, and/or contact students individually when changes occur. 

Students are encouraged to stay in regular communication with their teachers via email, sending questions and/or concerns along with any completed work. Guided Study status grants students automatic extensions on their work, the length of which is determined by the duration of their time away. If students are gone on extended guided study, i.e. more than two weeks, they will need to take tests and quizzes wherever they are, proctored by an adult who has been in contact with Ms. Mann.  Additionally, students gone for extended periods are expected to have tutors, particularly in math and foreign language.

When students return from guided study, they should bring with them any work that is ready to hand in and a plan and schedule for when the rest of their work can reasonably be completed.  They will also schedule make up tests and quizzes with their teachers if they have not done so already.  While this may sound complicated, teachers at PCS are ready to be flexible and accommodating to our students with professional lives. 

When asked what it is like to be on guided study, a PCS senior who has spent many months of her high school career away from New York as an equestrian, replied as follows:

“The key to keeping up outside the classroom is diligence and constant communication. If I'm out for more than 2 or 3 weeks I'll sometimes get outside help from a tutor, especially if I have an abundance of exams to make up and I'm unable to take them in school. The teachers make everything so easy by handing out assignment sheets way in advance, sometimes through the semester or even the year!  Being on guided study can be challenging but as long as you stay caught up it doesn't have to be that difficult. You can move at your own pace. I try to work until I'm even a few days ahead because you never know when you'll be swamped with professional work and you maybe need to take a few days off.  I try to be in contact with my teachers as frequently as possible. Even if there's no pressing reason, I still like to check in often to feel like we're all in the loop. If you can email your teachers almost every day, it will relieve a lot of pressure and they'll almost feel like you're physically in school seeing them every day!”

Busy students are usually well organized and able to thrive while juggling multiple responsibilities.  If your son or daughter needs to be on guided study at any point, please call Ms. Mann at ext. 113 and she will walk you through the process and make it as easy as possible for your child.