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Hiu Sing Fan, Class of 2014,
shares his experience as an
international student at PCS.

Popular Japanese television
program EXILE visited
PCS in October 2013.

Tengku Irfan (Gr. 11) was the
soloist with the Malaysian
Symphony Orchestra when it
toured Viet Nam in October 2013. 




Professional Children's School is proud to have a geographically diverse student body. In a typical school year, PCS will have students from 8 to 12 different countries and from 15 to 18 U.S. states.

Applying to PCS from another country is very similar to applying from the U.S.
  • Please print and complete (in English) the application materials from the Admissions Procedures page: Application, Math and English Evaluation, Performing Arts Reference, Personal Essay.
  • After all of the above has been completed, please forward them to:
Admissions Office
Professional Children's School
132 West 60th Street
New York, NY 10023-7495 U.S.A.

fax: 212-307-6542
  • Along with:
    • Application fee of $75
    • Academic school transcripts, translated into English, if necessary:
    • Middle School and 9th Grade applicants: please provide two years of transcripts, including current year to-date.
    • 10th, 11th and 12th Grade applicants: please provide all years from (and including) 8th Grade to-date.
Applicants who are not able to be in New York before the start of the academic year must arrange for a Skype interview.  Please contact Shari Honig at to arrange an in-person or Skype interview.

Once your application materials are complete, they will be presented to the Admissions Committee for review. You will be notified in writing of the committee's decision.

Once You Are Accepted

You will receive an acceptance letter along with an enrollment contract and an I-20 request form.  Parents or Guardians of the student must sign both copies of the enrollment contract and return them to PCS with:
  • $2,350 deposit and International Student Fee
  • I-20 Request form
  • copy of the ID page from the student's passport
  • proof of finances (bank statement, letter of sponsorship, etc.)

Obtaining a Visa

The Department of Immigration allows Professional Children's School to issue Certificates of Eligibility (I-20 forms) for Non-Immigrant students who will be enrolled in a full-time academic program. I-20 forms are issued to students after the following requirements have been met:

  1. The student has received a letter of acceptance and the Enrollment Contract.
  2. The 2 copies of the Enrollment Contract have been signed and returned to the school, along with a non-refundable $2,350 deposit.
  3. The student must submit written proof of financial responsibility while enrolled as a student at PCS.
  4. Conditions for the student's living arrangements during the school year should be outlined, and must include a local address for a parent or guardian.
  5. For those students who are transferring from schools within the United States, a photocopy of the original I-20 form must be submitted.
Once you receive the I-20 form, you should call the American Consulate for specific requirements for obtaining the F-1 (full-time student) visa. The F-1 visa must be obtained before the student leaves his/her country, as it is much more complicated to obtain once in the United States. If a student has entered the country with a visitor's visa it is advisable that the student apply for F-1 status as soon as possible.

For those students who are unable to obtain a visa: the depost, minus the International Student Fee, will be refunded upon proper notification and the return of the original 1-20 form to the school.
Note: If the student has not registered for classes at Professional Children's School within two weeks of the date on the I-20 form, we will be required to notify the United States Department of Immigration in order to inform them that the form is no longer valid.

Tuition and Fees

International Students follow the same tuition and fee structure as all students who attend the school.  There is an additional $350 non-immigrant student processing fee.

Tuition Aid

All students at Professional Children's School may apply for tuition assistance once they have been accepted for admission to the school.  Tuition Aid applications may be accessed at TADS.