Schoolwide Resources:
Physical Education

At PCS, we believe that physical education is another vehicle for learning. The physical education program at PCS stresses respect, caring, and giving one's best effort. We hope that students incorporate these values while learning to make physical exercise an important part of their daily lives.

We ask students to ask themselves, "how can I learn and grow from this experience and become a stronger, more caring individual because of it?"

The Physical Education program introduces various sport and exercise related activities and teaches the basic skills necessary for success in each. In every case, effort is more highly valued than the result. If interest is sparked, thus promoting life-long fitness and health, the lesson is considered a success.

In 2005, PCS added a new 8th floor gymnasium. Central Park is just 2 short blocks away and, weather permitting, the park is frequently used for outdoor activities in fall and spring. Each fall, the entire PCS community gathers at Riverside Park for Fall Festival, an annual day of relay races, tug-of-war and other games for all ages and levels of skill. Again, the emphasis is on making new friends, team work, good sportsmanship and having fun.
Since so many PCS students are pursuing challenging goals outside PCS which often include extensive physical training and conditioning, the physical education program at PCS emphasizes risk reduction and wellness. Students may withdraw from any activity which may conflict with individual training. Because of the nature of our students' schedules and outside activities, PCS does not have team sports.